Frequently Asked Questions

• Teeth should be brushed with a fluorinated toothpaste.
• Use dental floss or other interface tools for your teeth.
• Attention should be paid to balanced nutrition and a limit should be placed on junk food.
• Consult your dentist about “fluoridation” and “fissure sealants”, which are applications that make your teeth more resistant to caries.
• You should visit your dentist regularly for professional dental cleaning and oral examination.

It may surprise you that there are many products on the market that are very diverse and attractive. When choosing, you should be careful to purchase products that are approved and recommended by your dentist. The answer to the questions of what is the best toothpaste and the best brush can vary depending on the person’s mouth condition.

Usually it can be used for 3-4 months. You can understand that the toothbrush has deteriorated by separating, scattering and bending the bunch of bristles. Hard-bristled brushes can damage your teeth.

First of all, the brush should be brought to the tooth at an angle of 45 degrees and should be brushed with back and forth movements in the width of the tooth. The process is completed with a sweeping motion from the last gum downwards. The inner surfaces of the teeth, especially the front areas are narrow, should be brushed by inserting the brush upright. It should not be forgotten that the back surfaces of the teeth with bacterial plaque and food residues, the back teeth and tongue should also be cleaned.

Usually, only the front surfaces of the front teeth are brushed, the bruises are mostly formed in the posterior regions, while the tooth stones are in the lower front area, where there is little brushing.

Yeah. Although the teeth are covered with enamel, which is a very hard layer, it can be damaged even by a brush that you will only apply with the wrong technique. It can lead to abrasions on both the upper part of the tooth and the layer covering the root, as well as withdrawal in the gums. In this case, the teeth become more prone to caries. brushing teeth with a force strong enough to wear teeth should be avoided and brush should be moved with soft movements.

Another process that needs to be done is to brush the gums. Even if there is a complaint of “But doctor, my gums are bleeding…”, brushing should be continued because the veins that feed the gums become plump as a result of circulatory disorders. This is called “congestion” in the medical language. To treat it, it will be necessary to open the capillaries, that is, to brush. Thus, the veins of the gum heal and bleeding stops spontaneously. Brushing the gums is one of the most effective remedies to prevent gum disease.

These are tools such as electric brush, dental thread, toothpick, interface brush, water spray (water – pic), stimulator… Electric. brush and water spray are becoming more and more common in our country.

Dental Thread (Dental floss):

It is a useful tool that is frequently used to clean the teeth. Misuse is harmful to the gum. It should be applied after learning the correct use from the dentist.


You can remove a piece of meat that enters between the teeth with a toothpick while eating; but if the food always runs to the same place, this indicates that there is no normal contact between the two teeth. Such situations require using toothpicks. Toothpick tips need to be specially leveled and also sterilized. Therefore, those sold in the pharmacy should be preferred.

It is used to remove residues between the teeth and under the gums in areas where the toothbrush cannot reach. If you don’t have this habit, you are not late to start.
When using the fang, you should pay attention to the following points:
• Waxed floss is preferred for easy use at first use. In addition, fluorinated dental floss may be preferred.
• Dental floss is used by wrapping the index finger of both hands and with the help of our thumb.
• Thread the floss between your teeth in slow motion and in a controlled manner. You should avoid hard and sudden movements that injure your gums.
• You can clean the interface by moving the thread back and forth up and down to draw the letter c on the tooth.