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Oral and Dental Health Center
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Our clinic is a center where all branches of dentistry are applied under the management of Dr. Serdar KIRICI.

Oral and dental health is important in terms of the quality of general health functions and is one of the factors that affect body health the most. Oral and dental diseases that are not diagnosed and treated on time pose a constant threat to our vital organs.

Early diagnosis and treatment in oral and dental health is of great importance for both health and social and economic aspects. Show the necessary importance to your oral and dental health for a healthy life.

Our Services

Invisalign Treatment
Invisalign treatment is one of the popular methods of orthodontic treatment. Today, Invisalign treatment which is known as radio orthodontics or transparent dental braces is often preferred by patients. The main difference according to orthodontic treatment is the correction of the crooked structure of the teeth without dental braces. Many patients wonders how they have...
Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)
What is Endodontics? It is a discipline that deals with diseases around the root canals of the veins and nerves and the root of the tooth and their treatment. Briefly, it is the field of dentistry which is dealing with root canal treatment What is root canal treatment? The canal treatment is the cleaning, disinfecting...
Snoring Prosthesis
Snore is defined as noisy sound made by the individual during sleep. According to the definition in the medical literatüre; the soft palate and small tongue grow larger than normal and prolapse especially in adults with weight problems. These loose tissues make smaller bronchus and the air to the lungs vibrates these tissues. As a...
Aesthetic Dentistry
Color and shape disorders in teeth cause to various problems in the individual. Many structure, color and position disorders can be easily corrected with the development of aesthetic and restorative materials in dentistry. What is Smile Design? Smile design is to renew your ideal smile by together applying the medicine and art and it is...
Dental Scaling
Dental scaling is a method applied for dental plaque called as tartar. During this method, the chemicals are not included as well as the other. It is the process of using a gray powder substance as abrasive that contains only certain chemicals and is not harmful as abrasive. Needle is not applied to the patient...
Dental Implants
Dental implant is an artificial tooth root placed into the jaw bone in order to regain the function and aesthetic of missing teeth. It is an alternative, safer, more functional treatment type compared to traditional tooth crown, bridge and palatal prosthesis. How Is Dental Implant Performed? Dental implant treatment is completed by uniting a small...
The whiteness of teeth has become the greatest weakness of people related to their teeth for many years. Studies revealed that 7% of people avoid smiling so that their teeth are not seen. The process of teeth bleaching began with carbonate and continued with porcelain and rasping process, damaging tooth enamel significantly. However, search for...
General Anesthesia Dental Treatments
General anesthesia is an anesthesia type in which the narcosis state is provided by giving intravenous drugs and anesthetic gas to the patient. And sedation is an anesthesia type in which half-sleep state is provided by giving only intravenous drugs to the patient. Sedation has no anesthetic effect. Therefore local anesthesia is also applied for...