The whiteness of teeth has become the greatest weakness of people related to their teeth for many years. Studies revealed that 7% of people avoid smiling so that their teeth are not seen. The process of teeth bleaching began with carbonate and continued with porcelain and rasping process, damaging tooth enamel significantly. However, search for a bleaching method, which is permanent and not damaging teeth, is still ongoing. The biggest step in this search was taken with the creation of teeth bleaching gels.

The most significant difference of these teeth whitening gels, containing water, from similar products is providing healthy teeth with a permanent natural whiteness without damaging tooth enamel. This is achieved in only 1 hour of treatment or in a short time of 3-6 days if it is applied while sleeping at home.

Whitening gels, containing water, prevent cracks by making tooth enamel dehydrated. Since the remaining liquid and food within spaces of teeth causes discolouration of teeth, teeth cleaning should be maintained after whitening, and dietary habits leading to discolouration of teeth should be regulated by a dentistry. Thus, your teeth may become always white.

Teeth Whitening Gel is used by being squeezed into a vinyl sheath prepared specially designed for the user. You can apply it by placing the vinyl sheath into your mouth for 2-6 hours after brushing your teeth before going to bed. It is possible to have white teeth by administering the foregoing 1-hour treatment or 3-6 days application at home, excluding tetracycline cases.

Treatment at the clinic is made by a dentistry and results are obtained in a shorter time.

Your dentistry should examine and administer a treatment for your tooth decays or teeth with enamel crack, if any, before the application of Teeth Whitening Gel. Next, you need a vinyl sheath prepared specially for your mouth structure. After obtaining this vinyl sheath, you can apply the teeth whitening gel while sleeping. However, this must be performed under the guidance of a dentistry.

Tetracycline discolouration can also be bleached with a Teeth Whitening Gel. However, treatment period is getting longer in such cases and it is completed averagely in 14 days.

The whitening gels, containing water, do not cause any sensitivity on teeth, do not cause cracks by making tooth enamel dehydrated and bleaching is natural and permanent since colouring agent is replaced with water as long as it is cared for teeth cleaning and eating habits containing colouring agent are changed.

The Teeth Whitening Gels do not have any side effect. Only 2% of all cases may live a temporary sensitivity not preventing you to drink hot and cold drinks. However, this sensitivity will end soon with Flor-Opal to be administrated by your dentistry in a few minutes.

Although there is not any reported case in this respect, it is better to perform this process after your pregnancy since it is a must to avoid using any drug during pregnancy.

In such a case, a flour administration is performed by your dentistry for a while in order to remove any sensitivity on your teeth before Teeth Whitening Gel application. Moreover, there may be a gingival recession in some cases due to hard brushing. Treatment may be continued when these areas are isolated by the dentistry.

The Teeth Whitening Gel does not have any positive or negative effect on existing filling and prosthesis in the mouth. However, if there is any decay or damaged filling in the mouth, these should be treated before application. Since the Teeth Whitening Gel has effect only on the tooth enamel, fillings and dental veneers do not get bleached.

The Teeth Whitening Gel does not have any positive or negative effect on existing filling and prosthesis in the mouth. However, if there is any decay or damaged filling in the mouth, these should be treated before application. Since the Teeth Whitening Gel has effect only on the tooth enamel, fillings and dental veneers do not get bleached.

If you had previously used a different bleaching, please inform your dentistry about this. Since other whiteners make tooth enamel dehydrated, you should take a treatment for one or two days with Flor-Opal in order to minimise damage on your tooth enamel.

According to the studies with Teeth Whitening Gel, any discolouration was not seen in the examinations of individuals whose teeth were whitened, performed after two years. However, this period is shortened by smoking, daily carbonated and caffeinated beverage consumption.

Any side effect was not identified in the patients to whom the Teeth Whitening Gel, containing water, was applied. After 6 days of treatment, its effect on your teeth is less than the effect of a glass of cola drink. There may rarely be a sensitivity for preventing to drink a hot cup of tea or a cold drink but this may be treated by a dentistry in a short time. For this reason, it is used safely across the world. However, specialists suggest administering this application after pregnancy due to the general principle of avoiding to use any drug during pregnancy.

Two sessions of 15 minutes are sufficient for a bleaching process applied by using a laser in a clinic. While the treatment period for Home Bleaching applications lasts statistically 3-6 days, this is 14 days for Tetracycline. Home Bleaching can be used in combination with the application in a clinic for very dark teeth and Tetracycline colourations.

At least 2 tones of bleaching will occur although answers are more positive than this depending on Colouring intensity and sensitivity to Teeth Whitening Gel.

It has been achieved as a result of studies that any discolouration was not observed for 2 years providing that the patient acts in accordance with the directives of his/her dentistry following the application of whitening gel.

In a research published in the journal of JADA in October, 1994 and carried out on Teeth Whitening Gel, any difference was not observed in pulpal answers given before and after bleaching applications followed for 60 days (note by authors: If a chemical or physical trauma occurs in the tooth, symptoms appear within 30-60 days.) The researchers also remind that various pulpal reactions may occur in usage of other water-free materials depending on dehydration by drawing attention that this study was carried out with a Teeth Whitening Gel and the formulation of this Teeth Whitening Gel contained water of 20%.

Since there is no heat or acid application in the whitening process with Teeth Whitening Gel, surface enamel is protected in the best degree being rich of fluoride due to atraumatic method. As surface enamel is protected and the pure water in the Teeth Whitening Gel chemistry is placed instead of coloured liquid drawn from the interprismatic region, discolouration is prevented.