Dental Scaling

Dental scaling is a method applied for dental plaque called as tartar. During this method, the chemicals are not included as well as the other. It is the process of using a gray powder substance as abrasive that contains only certain chemicals and is not harmful as abrasive. Needle is not applied to the patient during both procedures, because there is no procedure that requires to anesthesia. Dental scaling is such a process that can be applied more frequently and have healthier results. While this procedure can be easily performed by every physician; special systems are required for teeth whitening.

Dental Scaling can be applied twice a year, because it is applied without involving any chemical processes used for teeth whitening. It can be often applied upon request; but the most suitable interval for this application is recommended once every 6 months. If you have teeth cleaning at the suggested intervals by the dentists; you can have less decaying and more healthy teeth. The intake of any harmful substance into the body is also not possible during the application of this method which also allows your teeth to reach their own color.

There is no findings in the researches on the damages of dental cleaning. Teeth cleaning is completely applicable and is a painless process. This is recommended by doctors and is a step taken for dental health and strengthening of teeth. The problems such as pain on teeth, gingival damage and gingivitis are not seen during dental scaling.

The part as the gingival point is exactly region in which the gingiva exactly meets with tooth enamel. The measure of 3 mm depth in this part is normal. There is not an abnormal gingival disease in the other cases. Necessary treatment should be applied according to the physician’s recommendation. The tartar accumulated in the gingival point causes to the tooth decay and negative consequences. The researches reveal that less tooth decay is seen in the individuals who regularly have dental scaling.

Tartar is a situation that occurs in this parts and as a result of completely not be cleaned the uneatens. If the precautions are not taken for that, they accumulate on top of each other for a long time and cause tooth decay. The tartar accumulated in the tooth enamel occurs in every tooth. The enzymes are working harder and there are more fragmentation; because the posterior teeth have a chewing function on the teeth behind. More tartar is formed on the posterior teeth with the accumulation of uneatens after the fragmentation and these can be turned into tooth decays in case of late intervention.

The main factor of tartar is that the uneatens accumulated are not adequately cleaned and remain impacted during brushing and increase gradually. A dental floss cleaning before going to bed every night is useful as a solution of this problem. So you can get rid of the uneatens at the bottom of the teeth. These bacteria can cause to bad breath and the problem of bad breath can be lessened by cleaning with dental floss. You can delay plaque formation by gargling with plaque protective fluids.

Dental scaling is such a process that is the removal of the layer on the tooth enamel and the replaced white layer by abrasion is made even brighter with rays. Besides there is no perfect bright whiteness in dental scaling. It is only a non-aesthetic procedure to remove tartar on the meeting points of teeth and gingival. While the dental scaling is applied only for health; teeth whitening process is preferred aesthetically. Another difference between the them is their application times and the materials used during application

There is a small irritation during dental scaling with less chemical density and no-peroxide ingredients. It helps to shine healthy until tartar is reformed without damaging the tooth enamel. The gels with more chemicals are used for teeth whitening, that is, bleaching. The gel parts cause a white tooth as a result of irritations by reacting on the tooth enamel with rays. So you can have white and shining teeth.

Tartar is a substance that can occur in every individual. This substance occurs by accumulating the microorganisms due to the enzymes and uneatens. It can be yellow and brown. These substances are noticeably increasing day by day and includes bacteria that continue to feed between gingival and tooth enamel. What needs to be done to overcome this annoying situation is dental sclaing.

The polish is applied after this process for approximately 20 minutes and your teeth looks brighter. Dental scaling is appropriate for every adult individual, because it does not damage to tooth enamel. This can be easily applied for adults; but cannot applied for children and those with milk tooth. According to the physicians, there is no need to clean the tartar at this stage. because milk tooth can fall out after a while. The researches emphasizes that children’s glands are more active and the formation of tartar on their teeth is less than adults.

Dental scaling is appropriate for the dentures that are generally preferred in the age group over 65 and known as easy. Plaque formation is seen under the teeth because of the uneatens. In addition to brushing your teeth every day, you can have brighter teeth with dental scaling once a year. Thus, the smell problem will disappear. If you use the prostheses by removing at nights, you may have a cleaner mouth tissue.